Two Tips for Retailers Who’ll Be Ordering Vapes in Bulk From Wholesalers

Here are two tips for retailers who want to order vaping products in bulk from wholesalers.

They should check that the brand of vapes they're planning to order comes in a wide enough variety of  flavours

When a retailer orders vapes from a wholesaler, they'll often be able to get an especially good discount if they bulk-buy all of their vapes from a specific brand. However, it's important for retailers who're thinking of doing this to do their research before they place their orders.

For example, if a wholesaler's website states that they're running a special offer for a specific brand of cartridge, a retailer should not necessarily order these right away. Instead, they should first find out how many flavours that vape brand produces. In this example, the brand offers a few dozen flavours. Before placing an order for so many of this brand's vapes, the retailer in this scenario should consider whether this level of flavour variety is likely to be enough for their particular customer base.

If for example, their demographic is made up mainly of people in their early twenties, they may need to stock a wider range of vape flavours, as younger people generally prefer more variety, and crave more novelty than older people. In this situation, a few dozen flavours might not keep their vape-buying customers happy, and the retailer might be better off bulk-buying vapes from a different brand that offers, for example, over a hundred different flavours. 

The number of puffs the vape product they're thinking of ordering provides

Many vape brands specify the approximate number of puffs users can take before their vapes need to be thrown away. It's important for retailers who'll be purchasing a large number of vapes from a wholesaler to check this figure on the vape product they thinking of bulk-buying. They should then consider how many puffs they'd prefer the vape products they'll be selling in their shop to provide.

If for example, a retailer wants their customers to return to their shop regularly, they might want to order vapes with a relatively small number of puffs (such as 200) so that the customers will come back to repurchase more vapes within a few days. This could not only help the retailer to sell their bulk-bought vapes before they expire (something that needs to be considered when a person buys such a large number of vapes from a wholesaler) but could also improve their overall profits. This is because when people visit a shop to purchase vapes, they'll often pick up other items (such as a drink or some snacks) whilst they're there.

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